Rofl Stadium

Rofl Stadium

Rofl Stadium is a huge stadium in Santa Lolica, CaliRoflia. Many sports are played here, the most recently added being Cricket. This is also the sight of many ceremonies such as, Graduations, Pep Rallies, Weddings, Funerals, and even Bar Mitzvahs.

Original Construction (1905)

In 1905, Andrew Miltonson created a stadium in Santa Monica, California. It became widely known, and as many were being made, it vanished just as quickly.

Reconstruction (2010)

After the Diarrhea Death Star destroyed Earth in 2009, The original Stadium (called the Miltonson Raffle Stadium) was destroyed along with the planet.


  • Inaguration of President Thunderbirds101
  • Revival of the Geth Army by Legion
  • Retirement of Carlos Ray Norris of the Super Roflcopter Squad
  • Marriage of Linux Max and Linux Gabby
  • The debut of the monster truck show Monster Jam from the other universe where Earth was never destroyed on Earth 2

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