Radar Overseer David

What David looks like

Radar Overseer David was hired by Microsoft Sam to do his technical work, but he is not very smart and can sometimes cause problems.

A little bit about David

After watching videos by Thunderbirds101 and WSAM0TV, Dantheman2funny (under the name of 2FunnyVersionIII) decided to make a character called Radar Overseer David, a very dimwitted character who causes problems for Microsoft Sam.

David's Personality

Radar Overseer David has an Autistic Spectrum Condition. He cannot seem to understand anything that goes on in the mind of the Microsofts. He speaks very slowly, using one word at a time per 1 or 2 seconds. He has no clue of what happens in his surroundings and seems to cause problems every now and then, which causes the Microsofts and the other Radar Overseers to lose their tempers. An example of this was when he accidentally unleashed the G-Major virus into Microsoft Sam, which caused our computer friend to become a demon and teach David a lesson he'll never forget.


Radar Overseer David makes a small appearance in The Attack of the Penguins. He tells Radar Overseer Johnson that five ULR fighter planes are coming to assist them. However, he speaks a little faster, hinting that he is more focused when alone.