Radar Overseer Emily

TTS Voice:

Adult Female #1 (British English)


Private Female Radar Overseer.

Preceeded By:


Succeded by:

Radar Overseer Scotty


Alive, but Killed as of FWE S9EP5


17 March 1992 (age 20)


Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

Supposed Death:

24 July 2010, United LOLs of ROFLica (age 18)

Killed by:

Microsoft Sam

Cause of death:

ROFL Laser

Radar Overseer Emily is a TTS Voice Due to appear on Thunderbirds76's Microsoft Sam Reads Windows Errors. Apparently, she is the first Female Radar Overseer.

Nothing much is know about her yet, other that she executed Audio Overseer Johnson. In S9EP5 of Funny Windows Errors though, she was executed by Microsoft Sam with a ROFL Laser after she cleaned out his diarrhea infested toilet. She was never mentioned in the episode.


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