Radar Overseer Felix

Radar Overseer Felix

Radar Overseer Felix was the former advisor of Radar Overseer Scotty during the early days of the Democratic Radar Overseer's Society. He was killed by Linux Anna before the outbreak of war in the Republic of My.

Early Life

Felix was born in 1986, in the United Lols of Roflica. He moved away when he was five years old, due to financial problems. He met three friends at his new school, who would eventually become his colleagues. All four kept in touch even throughout college. They bunkered into their own apartment complex, where they stayed for five years until they were evicted by their landlord.

Formation of the Society

During a five-month search for a new home, Felix, JohnsonTorres, and Scotty ended up taking a rest in the Land of My. Eventually, they came to the conclusion that they would settle on the land, and made Scotty their president, and Scotty made Felix his VP/advisor.

However, the northern half of the Society was already occupied by the Communist Linux Penguin Army. Microsoft Sam, Mike , and the ROFL Robot arrived at the DROM, but were captured by Linux Craig. Felix, Torres and Johnson rescued them and brought them to Scotty, who had them assist in a counter-attack to take back the northern half of the DROM. Felix however, fell behind, only to be stopped by Linux Max. Felix nearly killed Max, strangling him and angrily telling him to get his forces off the country, but was shot by Linux Anna from a distance, and was presumed dead by ULR seargent Michael Foley. Max immediately left the battleground to gain medical aid.

After Felix's death, Scotty made Radar Overseer Johnson his new advisor.

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