Radar Overseer Johnson

Radar Overseer Johnson, as he appeared in "The Attack of the Penguins"

Radar Overseer Johnson was a member of the Democratic Radar Overseer's Society. He was made the advisor of President Radar Overseer Scotty after the unfortunate death of Radar Overseer Felix. He also played a small part in the Republic of My War.

Early Life

Johnson was born in 1985. He became friends with Scotty, Felix , and Torres when he was a senior in high school. They all lived in an apartment for about five years after keeping in touch, but were forced to leave under orders of their landlord.

Formation of the Society

[information to be added by MovieGuruThe]

War in the Republic of My

Two weeks after the division of the country, a plane crashed near the Baloney mountain range with no one inside it. Radar Overseer Torres ordered a Roflopter scouting party to investigate the crash site. The communist plane was rigged with a bomb and the entire scouting party was killed as it exploded when the team was in the midst of its investigation.

After the death of Radar Overseer Torres by a Linux USB Starship, Johnson and Scotty summoned Microsoft Sam and Microsoft Mike in order to stop the Supreme AI. The team takes the USS Radar Overseer to the planet Soiturranna, where they meet Emperor Soiturn. Soiturn informed the four that they must find a rare energy crystal which they can use to defeat the CLPA. However, during the search, three explosions are heard from above the mine and Soiturn is unable to respond to Sam's communications. Soon after, Mike and Johnson encountered the Supreme AI's robot soldier Robo Enforcer. He breaks the fourth wall, saying that he is free to kill minor characters in a series, so Johnson is blasted with the weapon. Pleased with the effects, Robo Enforcer kills Johnson and leaves the corpse in the mine after confiscating the crystal, and finally trapping Sam, Scotty, and Mike in the mine.

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