Radar Overseer Robert
Radar Overseer Robert

TTS voice:

Adult Male #3 - American English (technically, L&H Eddie). This is also Jeff's voice.


Being Radar Overseer Scotty's brother

Preceded by:

Microsoft Bob (Now discontinued)

Succeeded by:




Supposed Death:

May 9, 2009


Chicago (United States)


Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, Jeff, Sipsi, Radar Overseer Scotty, pretty much any friend of his brother, Scotty, is a friend of him too


Devil's Hell Star, Weegee 9000, pretty much any enemy of Scotty is an enemy to him as well


Radar Overseer Scotty (Brother) superhotrains (bodyguard)


VideoGamePerson84's Version of Robert

Radar Overseer Robert is Radar Overseer Scotty's brother and Microsoft Bob's true identity. He has appeared in two videos by BlittleMcNilsen.

First Appearance

Robert first appears in "The Return of Microsoft Bob," where he intrudes after Microsoft Sam threatens to kill Scotty for cleaning his toilet. Still in the Microsoft Bob costume, he claims that his outfit was bullet proof and that he will throw scotty in a jail cell. He takes of his costume and engages in a Pokemon-style battle with Scotty, saying that the winner decides the fate of the loser. Scotty defeats him, and says that "unless he knocks this crap off, he will die." Robert gives up, and then flees, claiming that being the bad guy sucked "because he would always loose in the end".


Radar Overseer Robert returned in BlittleMcNilsen's video "I rise from the diarrhea infested toilet." here, he comes to Sam's house to get revenge on Sam for chopping up BlittleMcNilsen and throwing him into Sam's toilet.  He claimed that after he gets revenge on Sam, BlittleMcNilson will become the new ruler of Speakonia. Scotty then shoughs up and laughs it up, but is shot by Robert. (This may have been a sign that Robert had grown more evil since his last encounter, since Robert previously refused to kill Scotty since he was his brother.) Sam then zapped Scotty with a freeze gun and teleported him to Antarctica.

Robert attempted to scream profanities, but the Angry Overprotective Parent Society injected him (as well Sam, Mike, and Mary) with the Soccer Mom Virus. While the speakonia gang was distracted, he went into Sam's bathroom and released BlittleMcNilsen's soul, which possessed him. Blittle then came out of the house to sam and engaged in a short RPG battle. Sam was defeated by Blittle's Shoop-Da-Whoop, causing Microsoft Mary to shove a Retard Capsule up his anus. Sam then came back to life after Microsoft Mike defeated BlittleMcNilson's taco army.

Shortly after, McNilson reveals that he had transported his (and Robert's) souls into coffins. Taco Overseer Ricky then used the coffins to make them new bodies, which were then on Sam's side.


  • In both of the videos where Robert appears, there is an RPG-style battle similar to Pokemon.
  • He also likes Pokemon, ironically.
Radar Overseer Robert NEW

Radar Overseer Robert's latest appearance in PixelartBuilder583's universe

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