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The internet free bingo scam e-mail from the video.

Radar Overseer Scotty Reads Spam E-Mail is a text-to-speech video by Hotaru (raganbaby_6) .


Scotty introduces himself. He then tells the viewer that he has been getting a bunch of "interesting" spam and that he'd like to read some of them to him, because "he is Radar Overseer Scotty, and awesome"

The first e-mail he reads is a typical spam message for an male enhancement drug. After reading this "one long ass f-ing e-mail, Scotty wonders why so many people care about the size of his genitals.

E-mail # 2 is a stranger who somehow stumbled across Scotty's profile on another site and thus finding his e-mail address. After reading the message, he tells the spammer to "learn some goddamn English" and to "shove a spike up their diarrhea infested anus".

The third e-mail contains a message from a Danica Patrick fan side, claiming to be a source of many free, nude pics of her. Scotty dislikes her, and says he would "rather stick his head in a bucket of hot penguin vomit while taking a dump off of the DrinkScotch Center" than see those supposed naked pics of her.

Fourth comes a typical "wanting to start an investment abroad" scam e-mail. Scotty only reads the first paragraph, knowing the message is a scam.

The next one is a message from a "very hot dating site", but all Scotty cares about is if the women gives him his beloved baloney sandwiches.

Sixth comes a internet bingo scam. Scotty again only reads the first line, and then comments that 'he's not that stupid" to fall for a Australian bingo claiming to award in American currency.

The final e-mail is someone claiming to have found a incriminating photo of Scotty, which includes an attachment claiming to be the photo. This time, Scotty believes this e-mail and starts to panic. He decides to click on the attached file, but before he can do so, Microsoft Sam interrupts and suggests that wouldn't be a smart idea as he read an article online on this very e-mail spam. Scotty cuts him off before he can finish, telling Sam "this is NOT your video" and clicks the attachment link anyway. This causes a crash, and Scotty curses.


  • The e-mails are actual ones from Hotaru's spam e-mail folder, with minor adjustments made to them. However, the addresses in them are unaltered, as they were screenshots. Scotty reads fake sites despite this error.
  • Scotty's e-mail address is ROScotty@Speakonia.Rofl, according to the first spam e-mail in the video.
  • The final e-mail is based on an actual malware attack , which is why Microsoft Sam tries to warn Scotty not to open the attachment.

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Radar Overseer Scotty Reads Spam E-mail

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