The radio adventure show Radar Overseer Scotty vs. the Happy Pirates was created by Akriloth2160 using not only text-to-speech voices, but also ambient sounds and voice clips from the remake of Sid Meier's Pirates. It stars Radar Overseer Scotty. The main premise of the series was to create a Speakonia series not only with the usual bizarre humour, but also convey the story completely through sound as opposed to the usual Text To Speech formula of including images as well. Akriloth2160 has said he is happy to return to the series as long as he can get access to the old sound effects from Sid Meier's Pirates!.


Episode 1

Air Date: August 22, 2009

Scotty is warned by the happy pirates who are about to attack. The happy pirates are considered happy when they abduct a person. His noises grab attention to the pirates and captured into the ship. The two people needs to form an alliance to help Scotty from the Happy Pirates' ship. He wakes up, knowing that he is now in the brig. The Captain (Microsoft Sam) walks to the prisoner but Scotty recognized the famous voice. He [Scotty] guess he is Microsoft Anna. The Captain makes a wrong inferences but Scotty proves that he is a woman by punching the testicles.

Episode 2

Air Date: May 15, 2010

The two people need help to the mayor or governor for backup. The Governor is completely drunk. The plan is to get the navy to defend Scotty and to destroy the Happy Pirate Ship. Meanwhile, Scotty digs up for treasure but after some bone breaking, he found an electric guitar of Jimi Hendrix. When the Captain notice the shot of the cannonball from the Navy, the projectile aim to the Captain's testicles.

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