Guyisbackable's drawing of Radar Overseer Sidney.

Radar Overseer Sidney is the newest character in the Microsoft Sam and his friends' team. He is an 36 year old Jewish guy who does as same like SamMikeMaryAnnaDaveGuy and Scotty. He joined the team on June 10, 2013 in the video Funny Signs: Mysterious Forces uploaded by davemadson on the day that Sidney joined the team. His voice is Speakonia Male 8.


Born in January 31, 1976 and his parents were Beulah and Guy. Until his 30th year he was a footballer, while from his 30th year he became a TTS video lover. He made his GuyTube (YouTube in real life) account named Sidney123. On October 1, 2012, his account was received the community guidelines strikes happen until March 1, 2013, because he uploaded a video stealing too much content from PSY, LMFAO and other musicians and rappers. He closed his account on June 10, 2013, because he was not happy of community guidelines strikes happened in his GuyTube (YouTube) life. He made his account on January 31, 2009.

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