Scotty, Re-Rising From Hell

Radar Zombieseer Scotty was Radar Overseer Scotty, who had risen from the deepest depths of hell to get revenge on Sam.


Radar Overseer Scotty was killed with a single gunshot wound to the head during the events of Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors upon Radar Overseer Alex's introduction. This death is not considered canon.


Scotty had risen from the depths of hell to get revenge on Sam, and planned to bring an old friend of his, one that has been dead for 5 seasons of Funny windows Errors, to life once more. Not to mention his intense horde of zombies that would have been with him.

He appeared at the very end of Microsoft Sam reads Not So Funny Windows Errors Series 2 Episode 1, claiming he would kill Sam.

But then it just so happened that S2 was a dream because I (Pieboy6000) am a lazy arsehole and couldn't be bothered doing a First Person sequence in MS Paint for the finale.
Oh yeah, Scotty never really became a zombie because of it being a dream.

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