QFC Rader

Rader Overseer Ressa Just Standing there

Radar Overseer Ressa is Also known As Microsoft Radar Overseer Ressa Dagg. Shes the only Radar Overseer to be a female Cat! She's played by Adult Female 1 in Speakonia . She was only used by QueenFantaCat. Also the most hated Radar Overseer to have in fact. More evil than the evilest person on earth 2.

Ressa's personality

Ressa is Microsoft Sam's sister they are in some way related, but she is an epic fail when shes a girlfirend to Radar Overseer Scotty. When she thinks she thinks of codes for games. You can find her anywhere. She thinks her brother Sam can't say  Ressa right. Nothing can make her happy but, Radar Overseer Scotty, Windows 95,and crazy stuff like that. Right now is crazed to be a cat.... She is a hacker  she can BSOD people who treat her unfarly. She has too many tea partys and perswades outher Microsoft Sams to Join her but they deny her so expect her to  give them a virus.She is founder of the Rader Overseer Squad with her cousin RaderOverseer Potato with both of them nothing can get out not even Microsoft Sam. Her plans are destructive meaning she will try to destroy everything in her path until she gets what she wants. Her plans for the Rader Overseer Quad have been to make the hated come back to life. Her brother Microsoft Sam does no approve of what has become of the old Microsoft Ressa he used to know has turned into a Radar Overseer.

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