Radar robot three quintillion nine hundred seventy-six

TTS voice:

Adult Male #4 - American English. Heavy modifications to this voice have been made using AVS audio editor to make it sound robotic


The most advanced radar bot ever built has worked in the Firebirds101 Forge ever since his creation there






Firebirds101 Forge

Preceeded by:

radar robot three quintillion nine hundred seventy-five

Succeeded by:



Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, Radar Overseer Scotty,and the Firebirds101 Director.

Effects added:

The effects needed to replicate this voice are "metal flanger" and "pitch shift". The pitch must be reduced to the "80" mark

Radar robot three quintillion nine hundred seventy-six is a heavily armored, innanimate radar overseer which is equipped with an array of weapons, virtually indestructible armor, and immunity to 99.9999999999876543210% of all viruses known to man. He is also equipped with powerful legs which are used to travel in a variety of tough terrains. Twin turbines are mounted on his shoulders for limited aviation and enhanced speed.


Radar robot three quintillion nine hundred seventy-six's central eye can retreat back into his metal shell and emerge as a ROFL laser, a minigun, a baloney sandwich launcher, and a sterio for playing Rick Rolls at one trillion DB. His backup eyes lie to the top left of the spherical construction.


Radar robot three quintillion nine hundred seventy-six first appeared on "Microsoft Sam reads retarded windows errors episode 7", where he detects a Fanta Bomb falling towards the Firebirds101 Forge. Unfortunately, he is too late to stop the bomb, and it explodes, thus wreaking Havoc in the vicinity.

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