Random Crash is a text to speech comedy series by Joshua Rocha.

Random Crash

Created by

Joshua Rocha


Microsoft Sam and his fellow Speakonia friends




When Joshua Rocha first watched Thunderbirds101's Blue Screen Of Death, he got an idea of a new comedy series. And so, Random Crash was born.


The show has the same concept as Blue Screen Of Death, it satirizes and mocks current events and running gags from Funny Windows Errors.

Notable Sketches & Running Gags

The 8 O' Clock News

The 8 O' Clock News is featured in every episode of Random Crash. News headlines featured in these sketches satirize and mock current events. The news station was seized by the NSA in episode 2, but the news station aired again in episode 4. Episode 5 marks the beginning of the "rabid badgers" running gag. The badgers attack the Boston studio, forcing a relocation to Manchester with a new reporter, Oh Em Gee.

Video Sponsors

Each episode is sponsored by a community or a place with an unusual or very strange name. The sponsor videos feature the song "Batty McFaddin" by Kevin MacLeod.

Rules For The Toilet

Beginning in episode 1, Microsoft Sam is forced to listen to an endless list of rules for the toilet.

Microsoft Billy Mays Commercials

In some episodes, Microsoft Billy Mays advertises a product. Some of these include the Food Incinerator & the iTaco.

Roblox Gameplays

Beginning in episode 4, Microsoft Sam plays a game on Roblox.

List Of Episodes

Episode Release Date
Rabid Badger Takeover June 11, 2016
Episode_Title.exe Has Crashed June 15, 2016
Illuminati_Confirmed June 29, 2016
ERROR 404: TITLE NOT FOUND September 5, 2016
NEEDS_MORE_ERRORS October 12, 2016
RADICAL_ERRORS September 25, 2017