RHPSVWDTI as he appears in Wonka0111's videos.

Random High-Pitched Speakonia Voice Who Does The Intro is a character from Wonka0111's Speakonia video series, who became an actual character starting in Linux Anna Is Forced To Read Insane Errors. He is voiced by Adult Male #1, American English.


Random High-Pitched Speakonia Voice Who Does The Intro, or RHPSVWDTI for short, began as just a voice that announced the introduction and various scene changes in Microsoft Sam's Error Adventure. Then, it was revealed that he was an actual character in "Linux Anna Is Forced To Read Insane Errors," when he sent Linux Anna a message about how much she fails. However, she mistakenly thought RHPSVWDTI stood for Robotic Harry Potter Salamander Vacuum With Donut Taco Igloos.

"Death" and return

When the Diarrhea Death Star destroyed Earth, RHPSVWDTI was killed in the explosion, as revealed by an error at the beginning of Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure. However, he randomly reappeared in a later episode, for no reason at all, leading Linux Anna to remark that no one who she killed in the series ever stayed dead. He also revealed that he is either Radar Overseer Scotty's brother or cousin (not sure which), and also a distant cousin of Linux Anna, which explains why their voices all sound so similar. He then appeared again in Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure 5, where he had a spaz leading Mike to point out that his "death" had caused him to have an effect that made him go crazier than "Microsoft Sam when he has his shmexy pr0nz replaced with Smack Sea Prawns." After this, he became a regular part of the Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure cast.

Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure

Aside from his standard role announcing the introduction, RHPSVWDTI became a regular character in the series. Personality-wise, he resembles his brother or cousin Radar Overseer Scotty and apparently shares a similar love for baloney sandwiches, though he is not completely obsessed with them. He helped the heroes in "translating" Scotty's super-fast-spaz dialogue after the discovery of Linux Diarrhanna, and participated in the battle against her. During the series epilogue, he revealed that he and Scotty had been working together to build a Baloney Sandwich Factory on the Asteroid Fortress, but Sam destroyed it. He currently resides on the Asteroid Fortress.

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