Planet Reach

Planet Reach

Planet Reach is a planet one light year from Earth 2. This planet is very similar to Earth 2. It can support life and even has a population of humanoids and other life forms.

Rumors say that before The Supreme AI attacked Earth 2 she waged war against Reach and won. Seeing that she could take Reach and other planets, The Supreme AI attacked Earth 2.

Now Reach has become a very active planet and knows of Earth 2's existence. However, the leader of Reach, shortly after Operation downfall, began sending aid to the survivors of Earth 2, making Reach an enemy of The Supreme AI once more. Reach is also one of the largest planets in the galaxy, spanning about Jupiter's size.

Reach in 2014

as of 2014, Reach serves as a Major Foothold for Earth 2's nations in the defense of Space Threats, several nations have Space Stations Orbiting the planet as well as a trade route between Reach and Earth 2 has been established.

The Music Of Reach

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