Chris Redfield

Captain Chris Redfield in his Pandarian Uniform

Rear Admiral Chris Redfield is a the new rear admrial  currently serving in the minecraftian military and is one of the most respected Soldiers in all of The Republic Of Minecraft, mostly for his tactical, shooting and fighting skills. He first enlisted in the ULR's Military in 2011 but retired after The War in The Republic Of My as he was seeing no more wars break out that needed to be fought, However when The War in The Rofl Island Chain broke out, Chris Redfield was on assignment in Lols Angeles when the Terrorist Attack hit, he barely made it out of Lols Angeles alive. In 2012, he retired from the ULR's military and went to The Republic Of Minecraft to live out the rest of his days in retirement, But when Operation Downfall hit, he joined the Minecraftian Military as an officer and quickly ranked up to Captain, He has great respect for EASlol and Admiral Johnson who is currently the highest ranking officer in the pandarian military, Chris leads a team of Minecraftian Space Corps and also leads the pandarian BSAA, which is another pandarian elite military force. Chris is often described as a strict, but effective leader, who focuses on getting the job at hand accomplished, but also has a temper as noted by his fellow BSAA soldiers, he is also vengful of his teammates and often downtrodden seeing one of his comrades die in a fight, as his past life reveals that he has suffered death throughout his military career, and has earned respect from EASlol and His Superior Officers.

In July 2013, he was promoted to rear admiral of the minecraftian military, replacing the deceased rear admiral jenkins.

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