Jenkins With His Sniper.

Jenkins is a Kantish Rear Admiral who previously served in the Minecraftian Space Corps before the nation fell. due to his betrayal in The Republic Of Minecraft.Jenkins had just left the AAKAW, much to kittz's displeasure, and joined the Minecraft Armies, Jenkins knew Johnson as they were best friends when they were in the AAKAW. Jenkins was very patriotic to Minecraft - and was a surprising driving force when he took to leading a large group of rebels during the 2016 uprising in Minecraft. He linked up and fell under the command of Jasmine shortly after and helped the final surge to the capitol building.

Following the uprising, Jenkins stayed behind in Kanto to get back in touch with his family properly, while his long time military partner, Johnson, headed off to the USSR as a Drill Sergeant for the Russian Special Armored Division.

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