The Red NYET

The Red NYET is a character from Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers.


It first appeared at a series of "NYET," while the Red NYET met the V of Doom and the Simitar "S." He was killed at the end by a cannon.
Nyet grave

The Grave of the Red NYET. Whose Red NYET rose from the death 2 years later.

After more than two years underground, the Red NYET rose from the grave and reappeared on davemadson's videos such as LTIB 58, 63, 69 and 70.

He is the 1966 NET Logo being Red with a "Y" insert between "N" and "E."


Speakonia Male 1 (NYET series)

Speakonia Male 5 (LTIB 58, 63 and Screen Gems S from Hell Bloopers 10)

Speakonia Male 4 (LTIB 69, 70 and Screen Gems S from Hell Bloopers 9)

Robosoft #1 (LTIB 82, 84)


  • It was often referred to as a Russian logo.
  • On LTIB 69, it was revealed that Vladimir Knockitoff was the creator of the Red NYET.

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