Republic of Destari

Current Status:

At peace




President Mikhail Spazanov



Established in:



English, Russian



Karinzgrad and Western USSR

An old map of Karinzgrad and Western USSR.

The Republic of Destari is a small island that is located in middle of the Northern Atloltic Ocean. It was previously the Republic of Equestria, however the United Speakonian Soviet Republic and the Republic of Minecraft sprung into action and took the island by storm.

A small area in Pieboygrad, the largest city in the Western USSR.

The island was conquered in around 8 hours, being one of the shortest wars in Earth 2's history.

The original country was disestablished and was occupied by the USSR and Minecraft, with the USSR to the east and Minecraft to the west. The cities and areas were renamed by EASlol and Pieboy, and all provinces destroyed. The Western USSR (which is in the east, confusingly) is composed of three oblasts (Pieboy oblast, Zatsnovskaya Oblast, and Kurzniskaya Oblast), and Karinzgrad of one (Kurzinskaya oblast). the islands original inhabitants were exterminated, and many people from the ruling countries have populated the island, tearing down anything related to the previous inhabitants.

The USSR occupied it entirely after EASlol abandoned his country.

The island fell back under Equestrian control in August 2013, however this didn't last as Yuri's forces constructed a stronghold in the region. Shortly after, GDI intervened, and first raided Yuri's stronghold, utilizing the ion cannon to finish it. However, the explosion generated caused one of Yuri's secret mines found only in Destari to suddenly explode, shooting a large green crystal up through the ground, spraying the whole country with a liquidized variant of the crystal, which the GDI immediately recognized as Tiberium and began cordoning off the whole country, preveneting Tiberium from spreading outside of it. The population who couldn't be evacuated and thus unreachable have suffered unknown fates, leading the total population unknown, though the government has collapsed and much of the population has likely succumbed to Tiberium Toxemia (or Tiberium Poisoning). Right after the explosion at the stronghold, the alien race that appeared in Soistana, now recognised as the Scrin landed in Destari, and quickly over took the country, holding it under their control. The Scrin in Soistana were destroyed when the Relay Node was blown up by Microsoft Sam, and were completely removed when the Destari Threshold Tower was destroyed later on by GDI.

The country was finally freed of its infestation in November 2014 with the end of the Fourth Tiberium War.

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