Republic of Guy
Motto: "We will fight everyone who lies here!"


Mark Harper (acting since 2004)

Current status


Constitutional Form:

Multi party democracy


United Lols of Roflica


Guy City


Communist Linux Penguin Army




Over two billion


Dollar (same as United States, Canada and Australia)

The Republic of Guy is a sovereign state located in central Europe in the real Earth, but it's a fictional state. It is a member of the European Union. Its capital city is Guy City, known for the future-looking Andrea Shopping Mall which opened in 2007, and the M2 chain of stores opened in 2003. Its president is Mark Harper, acting since 2004. He is also the youngest head of state (age 20 at election, 2004).

This country does not exist in the TTS storyline, and as a result is non-canon. However, the Guyisbackable's TTS storyline has this country existing.


Some laws in the Republic of Guy are:

  1. Terrorism is banned.
  2. Loud music above 85 decibels is banned.
  3. The Serbian Latin alphabet used to write Serbian (a real life language), a secondary one alongside Cyrillic (official), is banned in RG since 2005 to protect Cyrillic from being lost.

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