Rooster as he appeared in The Great Final War.

IMG 2132

Rooster, as he appeared during the ROFL Island Chain War (please ignore the 'Assistive Touch' button on the bottom left corner of this photograph)

Rooster was a United Lols of Roflica commando and member of the The Speakonian Rebels.

Military Career and Military Alias Origin

Rooster earned his nickname from his obsession with loud noises and explosions, explaining his love of explosives and rocket launchers. He also never shuts up.

The War in the Rofl Island Chain

Rooster appeared at the end of the war in the Rofl Island Chain, with his teammates Hacker and Shadow. They survived Operation Downfall and joined the Speakonian Rebels.

The Great Final War

Rooster remained in the background until Microsoft Sam ordered Rooster and the other commandos in the Speakonian Rebels to venture to Cryomir with the objective of scouting out Communist Linux Penguin Army operations. Upon arrival, the squad was compromised and cornered by Tsiklon, who used the Troyanet to infect their minds and convert them to members of the Communist Linux Penguin Army.

During his service in the so-called "Highway Squad," Rooster shot down the Aurora Crystal, a Soiturrannian ship with Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, James Rofl, and the Rofl Robot on board. All survived, so the corrupted squad moved to execute the survivors. Hacker killed James Rofl, but the corrupt commando leader was crippled by an EMP grenade and then killed by Microsoft Sam. Rooster vowed revenge, but he too was shot and killed by Microsoft Sam.

Notable Quotes

"Oh f*ck I think I just doomed us all." - uttered immediately before being mind controlled by Tsiklon.

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