Baron Rudolf Von Sturmgeist
Rudolf Von Sturmgeist 2


June 25th, 1970

Current Age



Fuhrer (leader)


United Speakonian Nazi Empire (GeROFLmany)


SS, GestapLOL, Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine.


STG-44, MP40, KAR 98, Walther P38 pistol

Rudolf Ulbricht Von Sturmgeist is the leader of the United Speakonian Nazi Empire. He has participated in two wars in command of the Nazis, and is considered Earth 2's #1 undesirable.

Sturmgeist is also a Baron who is responsible for the production of the LOL-9 jet fighter. He is also the owner of the world's largest armored train, and the head of all major manufacturing ventures and projects within the Nazi Empire.

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