The Russian Civil War
The USSR vs The FRS



Premier Dmitri Maykl Volishinov


General Vladimir Dastanich


United Speakonian Soviet Republic vs Federal Russian States


Ongoing, FRS controlling half of the USSR's territory.

 The Russian Civil War is an ongoing civil war in the United Speakonian Soviet Republic. The war started on January 10, 2015, after a large build up of resistance against Acting Premier Volishinov, a loyalist of Pieboy6000. The Federal Russian States believe that Pieboy6000 abandoned Earth 2, and by extension his people, and aim to show the world that he was a traitor to mankind. The USSR simply aims to quell what they call 'mindless drivel'. However, tensions quickly hit their limit and the two sides engaged in a fierce battle for territory, though there has been a stalemate already, with both sides evenly matched. Despite the fact that most military action is presently passive, many demonstrations and terrorist attacks are taking place in either nation, usually targeting military targets, though civilian targetting has occurred.

This civil war will be featured in the upcoming series "Microsoft Sam: Remnants" by Pieboy6000.

Reactions by World Leaders

News of the most powerful nation on the planet splitting into infighting spread like wildfire across Earth 2. Shock hit Ukraine as they learned of this. Petro Poroshonko, leader of Ukraine, announced that "It will do what it can to aid our greatest ally in this conflict against itself." The comment was chided by few for sounding ridiculous, but the USSR was grateful anyhow.

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