The Russian Federated States
Motto: Death to all who oppose us.


Andrei Yeltzof

Second in Command:

Mikhail Gobilsky

Current Status:

Peace, bordering on War


Military Dictatorship


Russian (Official), Ukrainian, Mongolian, Siberian Tatar, Finnish


194,508,192 (May 2016)




United States of America

The Russian Federated States are the follow-up nation that took the place of the United Speakonian Soviet Republic after its dissolution. The nation retained the strength of the former Russian nation for a while - however Andrei Yeltzof, the new President of the Russian Nation, was not as open to diplomatic relations with the USA as former Premier Asredon Wrathguild had been, and relations between the United States and the Russian Federated States collapsed into a cold war scenario days after the USSR fell.

As a result, many new policies fell into place, such as incredibly thorough border checks, and execution of American citizens on sight. This policy was not much different from those the USSR had in place for several nations, but garnered a lot of hatred from some of the military groups closer to the former Premier. As a result, the Russian Special Armoured Division almost totally disbanded, its members moving out of the nation, either peacefully or by force, into neighbouring countries to try and escape the regime. Others, however, celebrated Yeltzof's decision, holding anti-American celebrations in the streets. Pro-American protests were met with violence and even gunfights in some places, and Moscow especially became a hotspot for protesting - most of which were met with AK-12's and grenades. Despite being 'President', the country runs more as a dictatorship, crueler and harsher than ever before.

The Russian Federated States have changed - at least diplomatically - completely from the USSR. Whereas the USSR and the USA enjoyed close, if sometimes troubled relations, the RFS and the USA are on the brink of war, with the Vancouver incident being the biggest skyrocket in tensions since the War in the Republic of My.

Though this iteration of the Russian military is strong, and all of their nuclear weapons (including the Tsar Bomba) remain in their hands, the Equaliser was taken by Asredon as he left, having been his flagship, and orbits the Earth as more of an observation vessel, and a silent defender against the stars, unaligned to any nation below.

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