Russian Intervention in Nyanmar


January 22nd, 2013 - Present


Attackers: United Speakonian Soviet Republic , Nyanma Resistance

Defenders: Thailol



 The Russian Intervention in Nyanmar occurred at 0200 (GMT) on January 22, 2013. After news of Thailol annexing Nyanmar reached the USSR, Pieboy informed the leader of Thailol, Sup3rnovatjj, that unless he relinquished control of the nation, the Russians would intervene. Deciding Thailol showed no intentions of freeing them, the Russians gathered their forces, and made their way to Nyanmar.


Russian forces, both air and naval forces approached from the east of Nyanmar. Chinom allowed passage of Russian ground forces into the north of the country. Speedily, the Russian forces began pushing through Nyanmar, the Thai's not expecting an intervention.

Thai forces are scheduled to leave the country at 1400 (GMT) on January 22, 2013. This did not stop Russian forces assaulting and killing Thai soldiers in Nyanmar.

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