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The SCUD Storm, is a weapon of mass destruction owned by Great Loltain. This weapon is deisgned to hold 8 anthrax missiles and fire them all at once at a certian target. This is one of the deadliest weapons in the world due to the ammount of destruction this weapon causes, all missiles are fired one by one similtaniously, when the missiles impact, huge amounts of anthrax are released into the air along with alpha radiation to reduce civilian deaths. This weapon was tested on the nuclear testing ground in Western USSR, the entire area became a quarantined zone within an hour, but no one was killed due to the fact it was a nuclear testing ground. This weapon will only be used if absolutely necessary.

Due to the fact Anthrax Missiles were dismanted for being too deadly, the missiles on the scudstorm were replaced with High Explosive Nuclear Missiles.

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