The SMG Space Station is an artificial satellite created by the Iranian Space Administration to orbit around Earth 2 and form a protective line known as the "Earth 2 Orbital Defense". The space station was created in 2008 and put into orbit in the first quarter of 2009. The space station has become one of the most notable space stations along with the TB101, Blake and Lockheed Space Stations.


Shortly before the war against Jokermingo, the Iroflan Space Administration announced on ITV channels that they were seeking the creation of their signature space station, one that would join and ultimately form the Earth 2 Orbital Defense, a line of space stations designed to protect Earth 2 and look out for impending dangers. Officially, the space stations were designed so Earth 2 could be protected from natural causes, such as solar flares, meteors and coronal mass ejections, but, it was later revealed through several leaks in the Speakonian Council that the space stations were put in space to protect from "otherworldly" beings.

After the Cleanser attack

The SMG Space Station was the only station other than the TB101 Space Station to remain in orbit around Earth 2 after the Devil's Hell Star unleashed the Cleanser superweapon on the planet. The Cleanser distorted the gravitational pull around Earth 2, thus upsetting the space stations' orbits around the planet. Some simply fell towards Earth 2 while others were forced into an odd position, thus making them orbit farther or closer to the planet.

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