Motto: Communism is the only way.


Vlad Roflzov


Communist Nations


The USSR government, any nation not communist

SPECTER (Soviet Paramilitary Echelon Communism, Terrorism, Extortion, & Racketeering) is a global terrorist and criminal network created at the end of the Great Final War. The group will serve as the main antagonistic force in Blackwing.

Commanded by ex-CLPA operative Vlad Roflzov, the group is dedicated to spreading communism worldwide through violent means. After the end of the Great Final War, SPECTER was created and quickly rose to being one of the most powerful terrorist organizations on Earth 2, surpassing even the Soviet Lulz Brigade. The initial members were drawn from the following nations:

  • The USSR
  • North Koroflia
  • Lolba
  • Lols
  • Vietlol
  • People's Republic of Chinom
  • Lolustria

A month and a half after the war's end, SPECTER staged simultaneous armed revolutions in several democratic countries (or in Soimalia's case, anarchist) across the world:

  • Lolkraine
  • Japlol
  • Soimalia
  • South Lolfrica
  • Lolzil

Following the uprisings and surge in communist popularity, SPECTER used their influence in said nations to create racketeering and extortion operations, reaping in billions of dollars in illegal funds through several means: drug trafficking in Lolzil, weapons trafficking in Soimalia, technology acquired through the black market in Japlol, smuggling nuclear fuel from Lolkraine, and human trafficking in South Lolfrica. With the money, Roflzov created an enormous paramilitary force to further his goals.

Weeks later, Roflzov himself hacked into the USSR database and discovered a video of his father's death at the hands of USSR leader, armed with a chainsaw. Driven by rage, Roflzov swore to make the USSR and its allies suffer greatly for his personal losses.

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