The SUP3RNOVA Tower is located in Jakarta, Palau Province, Bafra. It was formerly located in Charleston, WV, USA. The Charlolston tower was dismantled in early 2013, when SUP3RNOVATJJ decided to build a new one in Bafra.

The new SUP3RNOVA Tower


Basement Floor 2: Fallout Shelter

Basement Floor 1: Storage

Floors 1-3: Lobby and Shops

Floors 4-7: Department of Transport and Safety

Floors 8-12: Bafran Parliment

Floors 13-16: Bafran Supreme Court

Floors 17-23: Bafran Government Housing

Floor 24: Department of Internal Affairs

Floors 25-27: Bafran Broadcasting Corporation

Floor 28: Jakarta Press

Floors 29-35: Bafran Inteligence Agency

Floor 36: Suites for ambassadorial and other political guests

Floor 37: SUP3RNOVATJJ's Office and Residence

Roof: Broadcast Transmitter Alpha Eta Omicron, Broadcast Reciever Beta Omega Thi

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