The Channel

Samzoned itself isn't a channel, but instead being released on the creator's main channel, ReescupRBLX. Bloopers of certain episodes are posted on the creator's shitpost channel (Reesecup's Shitposts).

Reesehan Schavinchiz/Reesecup/Samzoned
Creator of Samzoned, NC Reesecup, and TGYT Corporation.

Full Name

Reesehan Taylor Schavinchiz




Aclevo, TGYT


ReesecupRBLX, Reesecup's Shitposts

Favorite YouTuber(s)

nkrs200, Druaga1, David Phantom

Subcribers (02/12/2017)

24 (main), 48 (shitposts), total 72

The Creator

Samzoned's creator is Reesehan Schavinchiz, who was born in September 4th, 2005, making him 11 as of the editing date of February 12th, 2017. He was originally known as TaylorGamesYT, and switched to RedFizz, then retiring the channel to go NC Reesecup (Now changed to ReesecupRBLX) in October 12th, 2016, and also works as a member for Aclevo, and the CEO of TGYT Corporation.


There's not yet any Samzoned content is produced, due to the fact that time constraints is causing delay. You'll need to stay updated.

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