Scarabs are large vehicles commanded by the Communist Linux Penguin Army. Its weapons consist of a large laser on the front and a large anti-aircraft Gun on the back. A risky way to destroy a Scarab is to shoot its legs, bring it down and hop on board from the back, then shoot its power core. However, superior firepower has been shown to cause a Scarabs destruction, which is helpful as some prefer to snipe from cliffs with their plasma cannon.

Scarabs are a huge threat to anyone on the battlefield as their armor is very tough, one scarab can destroy an entire platoon of soldiers within a matter of minutes, thats why highly trained soldiers (Such as RSAD, RAM or ERRA) are needed to take them down. They are one of the most powerful vehicles owned by the CLPA and the CLPA use them quite often to inflict massive damage. Scarabs can hold over 50 passengers, 10 being pilots, others being on to defend it.

Scarabs recieved major upgrades following the CLPA return in 2015, with even more power behind it's front plasma cannon, allowing it simply melt away usual tank armor.

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