Scottish Highlanders 4

Scottish Highlanders charging into battle

The Scottish Highlanders are the elite fighting force of Scotland. They are well-trained, well-equipped, and are a mobile fighting force. In the Scottish army, no one does it better and more efficiently than the Highlanders.

The Highlanders consist of soldiers from Scotland ages 18 to 65. Their main duties are to aid regular Scottish troops in battle and carry out special operations that require the greatest of military strategy and skill.

The Highlanders were Great LOLtain's key to winning the Great War of LOLrope in 1995. They were too much for Nazi soldiers to handle due to their large numbers, mobility, and firepower.

There are 3 main duties that the Highlanders carry out: Infantry, machine gun crew, and auxiliary/medical staff. Each have their own weapons and equipment.

Highlander Infantry

Highlander Infantry


Highlander Machine Gun Crew


Highlander Auxiliary/Medical

The Highlanders also use the Cruiser Mk. VI "Crusader" as their main battle tank, with a Scottish flag and a decorative blue and white color scheme.


The Highlanders' Cruiser Mk. VI "Crusader" tank

Here are some of the weapons that the Highlanders use in battle.


Highlander Infantry Weapons


Highlander Machine Gun Crew Weapons

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