The Sherman, known by ROFLican soldiers as "The Maximum Ownage Machine".

ROFLica M4 Sherman


Medium Tank

Place of Origin

United LOLs of ROFlica

In Service



Great War of LOLrope, VietLOL War, LOL War 1, Republic of My Civil War (1978), ROFLican Civil War (1942-1945), Virussian Liberation of Linux (2004).


29 Tons


19 ft 2 in


8 ft 7 in


9 ft


5 (Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver, Co-Driver)


76 mm

The ROFLica M4 Sherman, known by many ROFLican soldiers as "The Maximum Ownage Machine" is the primary battle tank used by the United LOLs of ROFLica army. It proves to this day to be reliable and a highly-mobile workhorse in the ROFLican army.

Despite being outgunned and outweighed, the Sherman makes up for it in speed. The tank can go up to 30 MPH, and is able to stop on a dime thanks to its revolutionary brake design (classified).

The Sherman saw action for the first time in 1942, during the ROFLican Civil War. The Union was outgunned by the small, yet durable Confederate Trench Tank, and needed a tank of their own. The Sherman, named after the Union General at the time, William Sherman, was invented in late 1942. With a fast speed, and at the time the most powerful gun in the world, it was on the battlefield and kicking the Confederates all the way to their capital, where the Sherman was used to demolish the building with its 75 mm rounds.

This tank also saw wars in The Republic of My during their civil war of 1978, VietLOL from 1963-1975, Virussia in 2004, and as of lately, LOL War 1 from 2013-2014. Despite more powerful tanks from the enemies, the Sherman still puts up a fight with its speed, round size, and maneuverability. It will continue to be in service until 2084 due to its high-ranking attributes.

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