The Soviet Vietlulz Brigade is a reincarnation of the Soviet Lulz brigade that was dissolved during the war in the ROFL Island Chain.

Involvement in the War in New Zealol

They appeared in The war in New ZeaLOL as secondary adversaries when they entered the battle field in the Valley of the Four Winds in Minecraft, and dropped an arial bombardment on The Sucky Reavers and Minecraftian armies. They requested Cybriann to merge the UAL with the SVLB, Cybriann declined this offer and was shot down by them.

Involvement in the war in southeast Lolsia

On 3/11/12, The Soviet VietLULZ Brigade declared war on VietLOL and its allies, and launched terrorist attacks on The USSR, The Republic Of MineCraft, And VietLOL. Their first leader, was located by Emergencyranger88 and he was executed by him. Viktor Baloneykov, the brother of the late Scottyvich Baloneykov And the currently living Radar Overseer Scotty, became leader of the SVLB before being threatened with ROFLnukes by Emergencyranger88 and Pieboy6000. Then, the son of Ho Chi-LOL, Ho Chi-LULZ, became leader of the SVLB, he hopes to kill Emergencyranger88 and take over VietLOL, Fortunately, ER88 killed Chi-Lulz After the latter gained the upper hand against EASlol.

Involvement in the War In the Czech ROFLpublic

The Soviet VietLulz Brigade have been confirmed to be adversaries of the war in The Czech ROFLpublic

Soviet VietLULZ Brigade

Current Leader





VietLOL, The Republic of Minecraft, The USSR, and AustROFLia

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