Full Name



Robosoft 3


Naval officer


Formerly the T-101 Space Station, currently the SMG Space Station.



Security status

Level 1-2 access only

Health status


"Um, sir, if I may be so bold, time is something we have very little of." - Spaetzle.

Spaetzle is a Speakonian naval officer who is currently residing on the SMG Space Station. After transferring from the T-101 Space Station, Spaetzle, among the thousands of other officers and military officials, witnessed the Cleanser attack on Earth first-hand. After the attack wiped out most communications and EYE prototypes, Spaetzle used his cunning to help restore some communications to Earth 2, but it was to little avail.


Much of Spaetzle's background history was classified for security reasons, but the only information given was that he was possibly born and raised in a compound somewhere in the United Speakonian Soviet Republic. However, later information has since been redacted, and most of Spaetzle's history is known. When he got older, Spaetzle joined the Spetslolz and fought in several skirmishes against the Virussians. However, a friendly-fire incident critically impaired Spaetzle's motor functions, and he was forced to retire from the Spetslolz in order to receive care. During this time is when he most likely received his automated Robosoft voice and cybernetic implants. After being offered a chance to return to the Spetsloz, Spaetzle denied, and decided to scour the world in search of peace. Eventually, Spaetzle entered the United Lols of America-- legally, of course, and rented an apartment in LOL York City.

Much later, though, is when Spaetzle decided to return to the war game, and joined the Naval Corps of the Earth 2 Orbital Defense Force. Spaetzle was eventually dispatched to the T-101 Space Station, where he remained for most of the infamous space war against Jokermingo0044 and his Diarrhea Forces. After the Diarrhea Death Star was destroyed, Spaetzle was transferred to the SMG Space Station, where he now resides as a high-ranking officer and a friend of the commander: Robert (SMGReturns).

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