EASlol in his Spartan CR-2 Suit

The Spartan CR-2 Suit, is a suit designed by Minecraftian Scientists for EASlol's use and Minecraftian Red Army use. All Red Army Members wear Spartan CR-2 Suits Making them Minecraft's most elite force. They usualy come with an assortmant of weapons and "Armor Abilities" As the scientists call it, Some suits come with a jetpack and some come with an ablility known as "Armor lock" Which allows the suit to lock its energy shields making it invincible for about 10 to 15 seconds, This is very useful for protecting against explosives (such as grenades, rpgs, tank shells,missles etc etc) Minecraft is the only country on earth 2 to own these suits, aside from the USSR's PSAS soldiers who have the same armor abilites as the Spartan CR-2. The weapons provided on these suits are normally 1 Combat knife, 1 Pistol and 1 Ammo belt. Minecraftian Scientists have not decided to let these suits become available to countries on earth 2. but it may happen in the near future. The Only other country on earth 2 besides minecraft to own Spartan CR 2 Suits is Lolustria, due to admiral johnson being its leader, Lolustria recived these suits for their army. Great Loltain put in a bid of £7million for 500 of the suits as well as some other Pandarian weaponry, which was accepted on April 7th, 2013 by Pandarian leader, EASlol.

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