Scott Raymond Algoritz or as he was known by his military alias, Speck Ahpz, was a double agent in league with the Soviet Lulz Brigade. He is best known for restarting the death camp facilities in Lolschwiz, Loland, which led to his execution by the Profanityland Police force.

Working with the Brigade

Ahpz was spotted by Arnold Zerg, who at the time was a military grunt for them. He recruited Ahpz onto the force where he stayed alongside them for 18 years until disappearing.

The Roflian Blitz

Ahpz returned to the public eye, when it was revealed that he was working with Warlord Hillard. He still had contacts in the SLB, namely Zerg and the dwarfed leader of the clan: Judack Amborgh. Ahpz was assigned by his contacts to find anyone who had intel on the plans of the opposing groups of the war, salvage the intel, and destroy the holders. Ahpz developed the vastly dark idea of starting the death camp facilities on Lolschwiz that had been abandoned since 1947. Over 20,000 lives were lost in these camps during the Blitz, and the crimes were placed only on Ahpz. The camp was since liberated, but very few people were missed. [including the legendary Raptor G. Zus]


Following the crime charges he faced, Ahpz was sentenced to five days in a death row cell. On the sixth day, Ahpz was released from his cell and was to be executed by means of the electric chair. His death witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people. Ahpz's last words were spoken before the final charge:

"Killing me will do nothing! Evil will still exist! No one is safe!"

Upon his execution, Ahpz's corpse was thrown into the ocean, never to be seen again.

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