In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and export audio from Balabolka. Speakonia version here, and TTSReader version here.

Things to Note

  • Unlike Speakonia, you do not need to register Balabolka to export audio.
  • Balabolka has a minor bug where if you press Ctrl + W before the text is finished being read, you will be unable to export the audio until you read the text out again.


  1. In Balabolka, enter the text you would like read out into an audio file.
  2. Do a test reading of your text (F5). If pronounciation errors occur, adjust text until everything is pronounced correctly.
  3. Navigate to File > Save Audio File (Ctrl + W). You'll be asked to save your audio as either an .mp3 or a .wav. I usually stick with .mp3.
  4. Save your audio file in the desired directory. You're done!

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