In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Page in a Box (PiaB) Templates.

There are 4 main types of Page in a Box: Episode, Series, Character, and Creator. Many of them share the same variables, but it would be good to look at the documentation of each one to see their unique variables.

The basics of using a Page in a Box are simple: Use the template, insert the information requested, and your page will look good in no time!

Below is an example of how a PiaB functions, using the Character PiaB as our example:

{{PageInABox character
|introduction='''Character''' is a placeholder entry for an uncreated character.
|btitle=Character No-Nameson
|cap=Character's favorite image.
|alliance=The Placeholders
|allies=Placeholder 1, Placeholder 2, Placeholder 3
|enemies=Placeholder 4, Placeholder 5, Placeholder 6
|family=Placeholder 7 (Relative), Placeholder 8 (Relative), Placeholder 9 (Relative)
|tline=Placeholder Timeline
|bio=As a child, Character was a placeholder. They grew up as a placeholder, they were born and raised to be a placeholder, and will never be anything but a placeholder. Their catchphrase was "Lorem ipsum," and still do not know what it means.
|tevents=These days, they cannot speak anything except for "Lorem ipsum." It is thought to be due to their forced placeholder status.
* They are a placeholder.

You can edit the text inside the variables however you like, as long as they stay in the variable. Here is an example.