Substance Overseer Fire
Substance Overseer Fire

TTS Voice

Adult Male #2


Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, Microsoft David Desktop, fire and flames, PixelartBuilder583, Radar Overseer Robert (usually)


Radar Overseer Scotty, Lucow Fozerrit, baloney sandwiches, Radar Overseer Robert (sometimes)




Radar Overseer Scotty (cousin), Radar Overseer Robert (cousin), Substance Overseer Thunder (brother), Substance Overseer Water (sister), Substance Overseer Ice (sister)


Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft Season 2 Episode 15

Became Major Character

Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft Season 3 Episode 1

Created/Invented by


Substance Overseer Fire is the cousin of Radar Overseer Scotty and Radar Overseer Robert in PixelartBuilder583's series of Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft. However, he has a hot-boiled attitude towards Scotty and the rest of Sam's friends (sometimes), usually carrying out threats to drench someone in fire if he doesn't like a thing that's getting to him verbally. Second of all, he mocks Scotty's stupidity and insults his craving for baloney sandwiches out of his own artificial smarts and intelligence. He likes thinking that he's always right, helping him claim that he's better than almost everybody else in the gang. Nevertheless, though, he works under Sam's leadership as a major member of the TTS Gang (as of the Season 3 premiere of Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft). Fire physically has the ability to use fire without using a flamethrower or a molotov, in which he prefers to use as tools for burning wood or enemies that get in his way. Unfortunately, he has a weak point in which getting in a body of water chills his body out to make him think that he's freezing to death. But he is able to rejuvenate fire powers shortly after getting out of the water. Fire was hypnotized after drinking a potion in S5E2 of MSSPMC, and he got over it later.


  • Fire is one of the most sarcastic protagonists to ever appear in the series of Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft.
  • Scotty and Fire instantly hate each other and they always fight, just like the relationship between Sam and Mike. This makes the whole scenario a small difference.
  • Despite his hatred of Scotty, he does not hesitate to stick with Sam and Co. in various adventures.
  • Fire doesn't like cold temperatures or the water.
  • He lives with Sam in the secondary world Sam ROFL Range in a distant village. He also lives in The ROFL World as a neighbor of Scotty (as of Season 5 Episode 5 of Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft)
  • Out of everyone in the whole TTS Gang, Fire is most likely to be the anti-hero of it.
  • Fire has an older brother known as Substance Overseer Thunder and two younger sisters named Substance Overseer Water and Substance Overseer Ice.
  • Fire is the first Substance Overseer to be created by PixelartBuilder583, although he's the second oldest among his siblings.
  • Fire is the "salty bastard" or the "pessimist" of the Substance Overseer family.

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