supersonic64fan (A.K.A. super64, super and supersonic) is an youtube user who first appeared doing special dates tributes.supersonic64fan generally does his videos with the classic game "Super Mario 64".His first video was about his visit and chat with anonymous383, the one who hacked the user MarioMario54321, he appears with and blue outfit for his Mario, similar (or almost a copy) of Megaman765, he jumps around randomly and meets the anonymous who gives him a warning.Later on, he made a side-appearance on a video starred by Mario and his adventures, where he is at the top of the castle bored.Another appeareance was on the unique episodes of "supersonic64fan's adventures" first introducing him on Bomb-omb Battlefield and Whomp's Fortress.

New Galaxy corporation

supersonic64fan interested in more adventures, created the New Galaxy Corporation, where people can give advices and ask to be in his videos, famous people got in like CandyCao7. with it's sucess, he made his rival ItachiRJ create the Dark New Galaxy corporation, where no one is member but himself. Everything got on the track and the currect series "CandyCao7's Return" is a sucess as well, with the New Galaxy team as heroes, side appearance of MarioMario54321, Captain Falcon and Gamacount.Main antagonists CandyCao7 and ItachiRJ and his brand New team.


  • supersonic64fan has a roblox account
  • supersonic64fan have appeared in MarioMario54321 videos in the Cosmic Crystals series and Ztarragus Island series
  • although super64 and ItachiRJ hate eachother in youtube, they are friends in real world
  • supersonic64fan have participation in SuperNoobSailbot64 series as a sidekick of both NoobSailbot64 and MarioMario54321, he was the 2º one to join the party.
  • he has a New outfit for his Super Mario 64, besides the blue old costume

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