If Switzerlol were to face a major threat of destruction, The Switzerlol Protection Plan, known as Switzerlol Military and Strategic Plan C-5, (also known as The Arc Project) this plan would place Switzerlol out of the enemy lines. It is designed to evacuate the nation's people to a waypoint. These waypoints would be marked as safe points along a 5 mile stretch of roads. Each waypoint is designed to teleport people from Point A to Point B. Unfortunately, the only flaw of these way points is that they do not allow any objects that are robots to pass through. It was caused by a virus in the computer when making these waypoints, also known as arcs for their shape.

The Promise of Eternal Peace Without Interruption

The goal of this project is to abandon Switzerlol when everybody passes through the way points, or arcs. The arcs would then self destruct on the surface, causing a small 10 feet long by 1 foot deep crater in the ground.

Under 5 Miles of Ground

There is one giant arc under the found that stays open for 30 minutes. It shall transport (by cross-dimensional and cross-universal travel) all of Switzerlol's citizen's to New Switzerland, New Earth in an alternative universe. This new location is a colony established by the government of Switzerlol back in 2012 under extreme secrecy.

The New Colony

New Switzerland is the new and future settlement of Switzerlol in an alternative universe. This area is filled with forests and there is no pollution in the air. No wars or neighboring countries... For now.

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