The Taco Republic
Taco republic flag
Motto: "Vivan Los Tacos!"

Government Type

Federal Parliamentary


Taco City

Largest City

Bob City

Government Body

Supreme Council of the Taco Overlords

President of the Council

Taco Overlord Fah Hita


243,487 (Pre-Apocalypse)

12,174 (Post-Apocalypse)


Tacoen, Tacoic



The Taco Republic was a small nation in the eastern Sea of Speakonia. It was second smallest to Trollolia. Its capitol was Taco City, and its largest city was Bob City. The only other city was Rofl Soi.


The Taco Republic was led the Supreme council of The Taco Overlords. Three overlords are from each city, bringing the total to 9. Since there was also a President of the Council, that makes 10 total members.

Role in the War in The Taco Republic

(See Main Article)

The Taco Republic was the main battleground of the war. Bob City seceded due to the denial of its request for greater representation in the Council. War ensued.

2013 Apocalypse

In 2013, a Linux penguin named Mr. Tool Penguin deployed a giant robot penguin into the capital of the UFP. It exploded and completely wiped out the UFP and Trollolia, practically all of the Taco Republic, and nearly half of the United Moo Republic. About 5% of the TR's population survived.

Neighboring Countries

EAST: UFPTrollolia

SOUTH-WEST: United Moo Republic

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