Teddy Nougat (short name Ted) (b. 2 February, 2014) is one of Lamboguy633's four pet dachshunds. He is the brother of Trixie and is the second puppy born to moher Dixie. Lamboguy's favorite out of the whole bunch and has acquired several notable nicknames such as "Tedder Cheese" and "Deadly Tedly".


Ted Nougat

Ted makes appearances in Tea and Bull Shits Area and has sometimes been referred to in Microsoft Sam reads Laugh Out Loud Signs.


Ted Nougat is a 3-year-old dachshund with nougat-colored fur, hence his name. He was born in February 2014 along with his sister Trixie. He is a very active dog and likes to run in real life.

At 13 weeks, he was sent away to live with his new owner in Seattle, WA, under a new name. He later came back to live with Lamboguy in 2015.

In the TTS world, Ted (voiced by Adult Male #2), lives with Sam, Mike, Mary, Scotty, and Lamboguy in his house. He stars in Tea and Bull Shits Area along with Trixie, his mother Dixie, and father Doxie, often commenting on various topics of interest and provoking a reaction from Lamboguy.

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