Tempest. The electrical storms can be seen from orbit.

is a planet in the Rofl Way Galaxy, approximately one light year from Earth 2. The planet gets its name from the never-ending electrical storms on the planet's mountainous surface.

Physical characteristics

The planet's surface consists primarily of various sedimentary and igneous rocks from past volcanic eruptions. The past eruptions are believed to be responsible for the constant electrical storms on the surface. Temperatures on the surface are exceedingly cold in excess of -500 degrees Celsius due to the fact that the dark clouds on the surface never dissipate, preventing any sunlight or ultraviolet radiation from entering.


While no inhabitants live on the surface, some nearby planets (Soiturranna, Reach) have harnessed the energy to create the Tempest Shipyards, a massive ship-building facility in high orbit, away from the storms but close enough to draw from the energy the storms produce. Thunderbirds101 discovered the shipyards in late July 2013, the first person from Earth 2 to do so. The ULR utilized the dock yards to begin building a massive space fleet to destroy the Communist Linux Penguin Army on Earth 2 for good.

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