Texas Beach (a pun on Text-to-Speech) is a planet in the SnakeSpiderScorpion universe where all the people live. However, it is also the name of the city that Microsoft David, Sam, Mike, Mary, Zira, Hazel, and SSS-R-67000 live in.

According to Microsoft David's father, the planet of Texas Beach is about 30 million light years away from Earth.


Main article: Kiloliters of Diarrhea

Kiloliters of Diarrhea is the main unit of currency in Texas Beach, created at the Diarrhea mint. A kiloliter of diarrhea is equal to $1 USD, except it has three decimal places. It is required by law for every bathroom in Texas Beach to have at least one measuring tank to measure diarrhea, and at least one toilet for pee and solid stools.

Known Places in the City

  • The houses of each member of the main gang
  • Penguin Factory
  • News Room
  • Governmental offices
  • SSS-R-67000's lab
  • Taco Bell (Sam's favorite place)
  • Penguin Store

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