A picture of him shot in b/w.

Jack1994/Texaveryjr/Texaveryjrisback/Texhasreturned/Jack The Ham-Ham/Tex-Fish/TexhasreturnedALT was a Speakonia/TTSReader video maker from Cambridgeshire, England. He joined YouTube on 11 July 2007, uploading videos of his pet cats that were re-uploaded from Veoh. In September 2007, Texaveryjr began making Angry German Kid videos, after being inspired by many others from Dantheman2funny, Jeeves476 and alwaysdelivers. In February 2008/June 2010, he stopped making Angry German Kid videos, and later carried on doing other of his selected crafts such as making Speakonia videos, G-major videos, and Sound Blaster 16/OPL3 music as well as many others. He gave up his interests on YouTube in October 2010, and started moving on to his good life on DeviantART. He is still making synth-styled music, and drawing/animating, but still strongly dismisses YouTube today, although he recently moved to Dailymotion and ZippCast to make commentaries on other YouTubers, stopping in late 2011 out of boredom.

His own TTS video making style

Texaveryjr is a less-profane video maker compared to some others, and he mostly likes to use a hilarious hybrid of impact sound effects in his TTS videos, mostly when an enemy gets pwned by the evil YouTuber hating alliance or has a large splatty orgasm whenever making sex with living or inanimate objects. He also likes to add in MS Painted facial expressions for his TTS characters as well.

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