Thalaron generator

The Thalaron Radiation Generator. Powered by The Scimitar's Anti-Matter Warp Core


The Scimitar's Wings expand in preparation for firing the cannon

The Thalaron Radiation Cannon, is a Class-6 weapon owned by EASlol and his space corps, it is the deadliest weapon next to the Tsar Lola because of its range and its ability to expand and envelop nations, Continents and even planets, vaporizing all life on the continent, nation or planet. Many people on earth 2 fear that this could be used for evil if it ends up in the wrong hands. The only cannon of this magnitude is located on board The Scimitar, where the control console to activate it is on the bridge and heavily guarded by Elite Minecraftian Forces. The Thalaron cannon was demonstrated on Loldonesia where the entire nations population was reduced to 0 in seconds, because the cannon on the scimitar expanded wide enough to envelop all of loldonesia, This no doubt makes the cannon the 2nd deadliest weapon on earth 2 and is likely to destroy the planet if it ends up in the wrong hands.

In 2013, in the recent catastrophic desolation of the Planet Hell by the radiation cannon, which produced a nuclear explosion registering at about 70,000 MT. The Radiation cannon was named the most destructive weapon ever invented in terms of nuclear power.

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