Space station 22nd century

ThePermian99 Space Station is the second of ThePermian99's studios and headquaters (ThePermian Tower being the first). The space station is guarded by Suc with heavy weaponry robots.

ThePermian99 space station is heavily defended with nuclear and over charged plasma weaponry capable of destroying enemy space stations its size.


  • The Main Floor contains ThePermian99 secondary headquaters. Only Microsoft Sam, Mike, Mary, ThePermian99 and ThePermian99's friends are allowed in this complex. It is the most heavily guarded area on the station and anyone who tries to break the rules will be severely punished.
  • Under The Dome are the stations firing controls. All exterier weaponry is controlled in these rooms.
  • The Massive corridors under the dome are the living quaters of Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike and Microsoft Mary, Scotty has to stay on Earth 2.
  • The Middle Floor is where meetings are held and the hanger bay for Arvion m2's and ThePermian99's along with ER88's Arvion m3
  • The Bottom Floors holds the main airlock and a replica of a Plasma beam with enough concentrated firepower to break a planet into pieces.

The End of Time (The Time War)

ThePermian99 Space Station is still fully operational as its nuke sheilds were up during the time of the nuclear attack. it is one of the only surviving structures built on Earth 2 in the desolate future of the planet.

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