The Adventures of Microsoft Sam and His Friends (Also known as The Adventures of Sam and Friends) is a series by davemadson. This features the human version of his TTS Voices which feature later in LTIB 19 then on. There are currently only 6 episodes. As of May 6, 2014, all episodes were re-uploaded to YouTube by various users.


Made for Jhonerick2000.


  • Sam's Job Interview
  • Broadcast News
  • Sam Sees a Psychologist
  • Ski Trip
  • A Night at the Movies
  • A Day in Court


Microsoft Sam (1-6)

Microsoft Mike (2, 4- 6)

Microsoft Mary (2, 4-6)

Microsoft Anna (3-6, while in 4, she is a nurse)

Adult Male #1 as Bruno the Bouncer (2) and Mr. Jack Schmidt (6)

Adult Male #2 as Mr. Johnson (3) and Pierre (4)

Adult Female #1 as Beulah (4-6)

Adult Female #2 as Abby (2, 4-6)

Robosoft #3 as Roberto (in the short), the announcer (4) and Judge Fairly (6)

Robosoft #4 as Dolores (in the short) and Maya (Theater staff) (4)

Robosoft #5 as TK-421 (1)